Covenant Leadership

“Those who guide or direct a group; the act or instance of leading; capacity to lead.”
Facilitating the day-to-day ministries and missions of Covenant requires many to give of their time and talents in ways most never see. Here is a portion of the existing infrastructure that helps all of us do our best for God at Covenant.
2017 Church Council
Lay Leader – Chuck Thomas
Lay Members of Annual Conference – Bryan Halt, Trent Cason, Ellis Fowler, Jean Fowler, Laura Geloni, Baron DeKalb, Nancy Thomas, Steve Banks
Council Chair – Karen Halt
Trustees, Chair – Johnny McGatha
Finance, Chair – Giles Schanen            
SPRC, Chair – Steve Bobo
Treasurer – Ann Marie Pasek
Membership Secretary – Janis Pritchard
Financial Secretary – Eva Schafer
Recording Secretary – Lacy Melvin
Historian – Judy Gallamore
Missions Chair – Scott Rogers
Youth Council Chair – Susan Sudduth                       
Nursery Ministries Chair – Alisa Bentley
Children’s Ministries Chair – Roots- Katie Wilkins   –  SHIFT- Peggy Barrett
Children’s Music Ministry Chair – Alison Maloy
RESOUND Ministry Chair – Jeff & Andrea Young
Spiritual Formation – Chris & Celeste Webb
UMM/Men’s Ministry Coordinator – Jack Roberts
UMW/Women’s Ministries Coordinator – Julie Roberts  
S.A.G.E.S. Ministries Coordinator – Gary Buterbaugh        
Evangelism/Outreach Chair – Pam Pasek
Plugged in Ministry – Esther Burroughs
Nurture Chair – Bonnie Blackman
Worship Chair – Wes Melvin     
In His Steps Coordinator – Janis Pritchard
Prayer Ministry Coordinator – Dedra Herod
Recreation Ministry Coordinator – Rebecca Wells & Jaime Atkinson       
College and Career Young Adults Ministry Chair – Tyler Wall       
CCA Advisory Board Chair – Beth Robinson
Media Ministry Chair – Doug Dean & Gordon McPhee
Risk Management Chair – Garrett Edens
Advisory Committee Chair – TBD
Church Council Members at Large
Chris Howard, Bill Baker, Sharon Smith, Judy Roberts
Committee on Lay Leadership
2017 – Katie Cook, Megan Saltmarsh, Marisue Gray
2018 – Sharen Young, Chad McKinney, Dustin Woodall
2019 – Ashley Brown, Harold James, Barb Franklin
Lay Leader – Chuck Thomas
Staff Parish Relations Committee
2017 – Randy Fisher, Doug Slagh, Andrea Young
2018 – Mark Watson, Cindy Stageberg, Paul Ford
2019 – Leslie Luke, Brandon Saltmarsh, Brad Anderson
Lay Member of Annual Conference – Bryan Halt
Lay Leader – Chuck Thomas
Chairperson – Steve Bobo
Committee on Finance     
2017 – Mark Will, Giles Schanen, Vicki Bobo
2018 – David Luke, Tom Garnett, Janet Jennings
2019 – Jeff Faulkenberry, Eddie Shadeed, Barbara Johnston
Lay Leader – Chuck Thomas
Church Council Chair – Karen Halt
SPRC Chair – Steve Bobo
Board of Trustees Chair – Johnny McGatha
Lay Member of Annual Conference – Trent Cason
Treasurer – Ann Marie Pasek
Financial Secretary – Eva Schafer
Pastor, Associate Pastor
Bookkeeper – ex officio
Board of Trustees
2017 – Garrett Edens, Laura Carey, Dan Stageberg
2018 – Johnny McGatha, Jon Pasek, Lori Beth Satterfield
2019 – J. Alex Coleman, Katie Anderson, Terry Tysinger
Alternate Lay Members to Annual Conference
Craig Dittmar, Don Smith, Joseph Huntley, Melinda Hensley