• The Building Committee is proposing a new Education Building and expansion of our current Sanctuary along with complementary increase in parking, restrooms and storage areas.
    • The New Education building is a two story 17,419 sq ft multi use expandable facility. For comparison, our last expansion of the curved building in the front of the church (nursery to welcome center to large classrooms by the Narthex) was 15,492 sq ft.
    • The current Sanctuary is being expanded from 522 seats to an additional 309 seats. This is nearly a 60% increase to 831 seats!
    • The parking is increasing from 346 to 462. That’s a 33% increase.
    Covenant Master Plan
    • The Master Plan is the vision of what can be built over the life of the facility. Covenants Master Plan leaves room for a new Sanctuary, more parking, access roads, Family Life Center etc.
    • This proposal complements our site Master Planning process by putting the new Education Building in the correct location for both expansion of itself and the addition of a new sanctuary.
    • By design, both the expanded sanctuary and the new Education Building are “Multi Use” allowing future generations to change the use of the facility.
    Covenant Education Building
    • In the following slides you will see that the classrooms in the new two story Education Building are LARGE! Most are larger than the two big rooms just outside the Narthex.
    • The construction is designed to be QUIET with 10” precast plank and 2” concrete topping to separate sounds upstairs from downstairs
    • Restrooms, warming kitchen, HUGE resource room, storage all included. Yes there is an elevator.
    • This building is designed to be added on to in the future
    Covenant Sanctuary SEATING Expansion
    • To anyone currently in the sanctuary SEATING this expansion will not change the way the current sanctuary feels. Nothing changes for them except there will be more people behind them.
    • There are two new SEATING additions added behind the back walls that will open up to our current sanctuary. Also the Narthex will be repurposed and opened into SEATING
    • There are over 300 SEATS added to our current 522. This is coded SEATING.
    • There is a Sanctuary Restroom Addition (yes – a special building just for this) being added.
    • This sanctuary can also be repurposed in the future if needed




        MAY 6, 2018, VOTE

        APRIL 29, 2018, Q&A SESSION