Covenant Communications Request

This page is designed for ministry chairpersons to print or fill out online their form requests concerning production and communication of announcements and events. First, find below Covenant’s “Communication Production Policy” which will explain options available and deadline dates. Then complete the “Communications Request Form” by printing out a copy and bringing to the office, or fill out the online form. Please Note: Communication Coordinator has final decision on all promotional requests as to the tools used to promote.

Communications Production Policy

  1. Reserve event date(s) and room location(s) by adding to the church calendar to confirm location availability. Call church office, 244-3162 (Mon. – Wed.)
  2. Complete Communication Request Form: CLICK THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE or pick up a hard-copy from church office. Completed Communication Request Forms sent to Joseph Huntley.
Marketing/promotional materials for all ministries (including printed materials, graphics, banners, posters, promotional items, etc.) are required be submitted to the Director of Communication for approval. This policy is designed to provide assistance in ensuring the integrity of our church-wide promotional branding, to also assist all ministries in effectively communicating their message and to allow all ministries the advantage of the good stewardship options available through our relationships with promotional vendors.
All event Communication Requests are considered and planned based on how the promotion/marketing fits with the overall church calendar and how the requested marketing tools best support the ministry event.  Due to the amount of ministry events sponsored by Covenant, our marketing resources are limited to our church.  We cannot market/promote events supported/sponsored by outside businesses, churches, activities or venues unless Covenant is actively participating church-wide in the event or contributing financially to the project.

Communication Policy/Procedures for Bulletin Announcement:

Announcements are placed in bulletin for 2 Sundays prior to the scheduled event.

Note: Certain events may require additional weeks of promotion.
  • For Written Announcement Only:
Communication Request Form Deadline: 3 weeks prior to the date requested for bulletin.
(Note: Bulletin is normally completed 7 days prior to date published.)
  • For Graphic with Written Announcement:
Communication Request Form Deadline: 4 weeks prior to the date requested for bulletin.
Communication Policy for Major Event Marketing/Promotion & Announcements:

 For General Events:

(Examples: Men’s/Ladies’ Dinners, Operation Christmas Child, Confirmation, Bethlehem Revisited, CovKids Events, etc.)
Communication Request Form Deadline: 30 days prior from the date requested to BEGIN
the marketing of the event.


For Major Events: Retreats / Conferences / Other Special Events:
(Examples: Race for Adoption, Men’s/Ladies’ Events/Conferences, VBS, Cov Cup Golf Tournament, Musicals, etc.)
Communication Request Form Deadline: 30 days prior to the date requested to BEGIN the marketing of the event.


Marketing Package for all General/Major Event Promotion include (as event dictates):
Bulletin Graphic/Announcements
Sanctuary Screens
Event Programs
Church-wide Emails
Facebook / Twitter
(includes registration form if required)
Posters / Flyers
(11×17 and/or 8½x11)
Outdoor Sign
(Community Open Events Only)
Other Marketing Tools
(discuss with Communications Director)
(Post Cards, Inserts, Brochure, PDFs, Promo items: cups, buttons, magnets, etc.)